Notes: Chapter 6

Not much to say here. Both of these major scenes here were in my mind early on when I first started thinking about this story. And the scene of the supposed insurance scammer falling down the steps was the main reason I needed a blonde helper for the private eye.

I checked Google for a good picture of a girl falling off a bike, and the best I came up with was this one.


It’s a bit dated, but considering it was the only viable one I found, I counted myself lucky that it was so appropriate.

The search, however, did turn up a couple of paintings that reminded me of the peculiarly obsessive, and yet remarkably compelling artwork of Art Frahm.

While Frahm was a legitimate commercial artist from the ’40s to the ’60s, his most popular illustrations were of women carrying grocery bags — always with a piece of celery sticking out the top.

Of course, pictures of women carrying grocery bags (with or without celery stalks) are not the sort of thing that would normally attract a large following. However, Frahm’s pictures, which became known as “Ladies in Distress,” had one feature that other artists would probably never have thought to add to paintings of women carrying groceries.

Here is a sampling of his work — see if you can spot the “Frahm touch” in each one.





The artist at work — and apparently very happy.

4 thoughts on “Notes: Chapter 6

    • Frahm was an interesting painter, wasn’t he? In each case he’s got the woman in a situation that almost explains her predicament, but not quite. The over-sized panties idea is the best explanation yet.

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