Notes: Chapter 9

Anyone remember Sandra Dee?

She was best known for her role as Bridget in the movies BridgetBridget Goes to Hawaii, and Bridget Goes to Rome.


Audiences became so enamoured with the character of Gidget she got her own series on TV, with Sally Field in the starring role.  (Sally would later star in another family-friendly show, The Flying Nun, also taken from a movie — and a book before it).

But Gidget wasn’t the only well-loved character Sandra popularised. While Debbie Reynolds played Tammy Tarleton in the first Tammy movie, Tammy and the Bachelor, it was Sandra who took over the title role in the sequels, Tammy Tell me True and Tammy and the Doctor.  Interestingly enough, the character of Tammy also went on to become a TV series, played by Debbie Watson. Unlike Gidget, however, it only lasted for a season.

There was something else Sandra Dee did, but I’m having trouble remembering what it was.

Oh, right. She was also the naked altar in Roger Corman’s adaptation of H. P. Lovecraft’s The Dunwich Horror.


5 thoughts on “Notes: Chapter 9

  1. My, my.. As I finished reading the chapter, I wondered if you’d have a picture of a naked woman on an altar, and you, my dear, dear, dear friend, did not disappoint.

    • You know — oddly enough, it wasn’t actually easy finding a good photo of a naked woman on an altar. In the end I searched for the Dunwich Horror movie because I remembered a girl on an altar in it. She wasn’t naked, but at least it was something. And that search turned up the information that it had been Sandra Dee (I’m sure I didn’t realise that when I watched it years ago) and also had the promotional photo of her naked. Score!

  2. The Dunwich Horror picture was for promotional purposes only: Sandra Dee doesn’t appear naked in the actual film, and the scene depicted (with a large flower) isn’t in the film either.

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