Notes: Chapter 2

eclipse whitewear 1961.JPG

The Eclipse building, 1961 — ten years before it became home of the Toronto Sun.

Fielding’s office is located between The Princess of Wales Theatre and the Eclipse Whitewear Building on King West. The Eclipse was originally where nurses garments and other white-style clothing was made, but it is more famous to Torontonians as the starting point for The Toronto Sun — an ironic name for the paper’s flagship building, when you think about it.


Once the entrance to the old Globe and Mail, now the entrance to Fielding’s office building.

Of course, there is no building between the theatre and the Eclipse, and the way things stand right now, the Eclipse itself is likely to be demolished to expand the theatre. Two other buildings, the Reid and the Anderson, are also slated for destruction — both, like the Eclipse, registered as historic landmarks. It is, of course, from these other two buildings that Fielding’s fictional building gets its name: Reid Anderson Garments.

Since the building doesn’t exist, I took for its model the old Globe and Mail building.


Paul Rimstead: Columnist, racing horse owner (Annabelle the Wonder Horse — not much of a winner), jazz drummer (I’d go see him play sometimes) and book author.


Election poster for Paul Rimstead.

Across the street was the King’s Plate Open Kitchen restaurant, which became a popular eating place for Sun staffers. One of them, Paul Rimstead, was probably the most well-known journalist in Toronto back at the time. A kind of poor man’s George Plimpton, he engaged in various activities in order to write about them. He was also remarkably irreverent toward his own bosses at the Sun (although he loved the paper), but the nature of the Sun was such, at least in its early days, that discord among its writers was virtually encouraged.

At one point Rimstead even ran for mayor — an adventure that started as a lark, but eventually turned into a rather sad serious attempt.

The poster of Kim Basinger in Fielding’s office, of course, is this one:


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