Chapter One: Serenity will have to wait

Chapter Two: Monday, Monday, how I hate that day

Chapter Three: In case you’re interested, it’s Romans 8:38-39

Chapter Four: Doing that whole deductive thing

Chapter Five: Scandinavians are too damned hygienic

Chapter Six: The rich really are different

Chapter Seven: We will call this land, “This Land”

Chapter Eight: Redy to wenden on my pilgrymage to Caunterbury

Chapter Nine: But what about the dripping wax?

Chapter Ten: Opposite Day

Chapter Eleven: Listen to your heart

Chapter Twelve: Lord help the mister

Chapter Thirteen: Did anyone remember to bring the rice?

Chapter Fourteen: As Doctor Who would say

Chapter Fifteen: Puttin’ on the Ritz

Chapter Sixteen: She won an Oscar, you know

Chapter Seventeen: Oh crap!

Chapter Eighteen: To-morrow is St. Crispian

Chapter Nineteen: It’s true about the Biebs

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