Notes: Chapter 15

Yes, Adramelech really is in charge of Satan’s wardrobe. He’s also Chancellor, but that’s not nearly as interesting in my view.

The title of this chapter, of course, comes from the song made famous by Fred Astaire which celebrates getting dressed to the nines for a night on the town — something at which Adramelech would certainly be proficient.


And that’s all I’ve got. Not only did we do another “minor move” over the weekend (another cat-sitting obligation), but I’m sick, sick, sick.

How sick? So sick I don’t even have the energy to find a tie-in to a picture of a beautiful woman. That’s how sick.

Plus I made the mistake of re-reading what I’ve written so far. Bad idea. That may be what made me sick.

10 thoughts on “Notes: Chapter 15

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  2. I’m so sorry you’re sick, Frank. Do you need me to stop by with some soup? (Please say no, I’m all the way over in Finland.)

    And don’t worry about the lack of photo, I’ll just google Ginger Rogers or another one of Fred’s many beautiful dance partners and have a look.

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